Thursday, 21 June 2012

Nariyal Ke Laddu

Nariyal Ke Laddu, one of my all time favorite desert. Try this and i am sure you wont be able to wait for a reason to make this delicious laddu:)

                 1 Cup Water
1 Cup Dry Grated Coconut

1 Cup Sugar
1 tbsp Charoli (Chironji)

1)    Take a thick bottom pan and add in water with sugar. Boil on medium high heat to make a thick syrup, we say the consistency of the syrup as three string(teen tar) consistency. 

2)     Once the syrup is ready, we add in coconut and chironji and stir continuously till coconut is going sticky. Then remove coconut mixture in a bowl and let it come to warm stage. 
3)     Now you are good to go to make any shape you like to, as i make laddu's with the help of hands and serve once completely at room temperature. 
4)     These laddu's have a week of self life, so i prefer to preseve them in refrigerator.

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