Monday, 4 February 2013

Egg Chop

Egg Chop, has become one of my favorite tea time snack.They are crunchy with the sift flavorful core with the goodness of boiled egg and flavorful potato mixture. I hope you try them and let me know how you really liked them.


2 Cup Boiled Mashed Potatoes
1/2 Cup Copped Roasted Peanuts
1 tsp Red Chili Powder
1 tsp Coriander Powder
2 tbsp All Purpose Flour
1 tsp chopped Green Chili
1 Cup Rice Flour/ Maida
1/2 Cup Bread Crumbs
2 Boiled Eggs
1 Beaten Egg
1 tsp Chaat Masala 
Oil for Deep Frying
1 tbsp Chopped Cilantro
Salt to taste


1)  In a Big Bowl add in mashed potatoes, green chili, salt, red chili powder, chaat masala, coriander powder, peanuts, cilantro and mix well till combined.

2) Heat the Oil in large skillet on medium high heat to fry Egg Chops. 

3) Cut boiled egg in half then coat potato mixture all around boiled egg. Then Dip the chop in beaten egg and then at last coat with bread crumbs.

4) Fry them on medium heat till that turns golden brown in color.


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