Sunday, 10 February 2013

Vegetable and Fruit Juice

Vegetable and Fruit Juice, I don't want to boast about this but trust me this is a health monster. Make this for your kids rather than giving them canned juice. I am sure they will love this one. I make this juice with seasonal fruits and vegetables. And you just need ordinary blender to make it at home. I hope you will also give this one a try and let me know your comments.


2 Glass Juice
4 Carrots Pealed
1 Small knot Ginger Pealed
1 Stick Pealed Celery
1/2 Cup Pomegranate Seeds
1 Lemon size Beetroot Pealed
5-10 Leaves Mint
2 Oranges Pealed
1/2 Cup Berries
1/4 Cup Water
Salt as Taste


1) Put all your ingredients in blender. Blend well.

2) With help of thin strainer or thin cotton cloth strain well. Its all ready to drink. In further blogs will let you know how to use the left-out fiber in very unique and tasty ways. So no need to even throw the fiber left-out from strained juice.


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