Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Sweet n Spicy Shrimps

Sweet n Spicy Shrimps, is a recipe with beautiful flavors. Its has tangy sweet taste goes great as starter. Its an accidental recipe that came out great. I try to always put some variation in everyday dishes. This recipe is very simple and quite flavorful dish that fills the pallet with amazing flavors. 


16 Oz Shrimps
1 tbsp Minced Ginger
1 tbsp Minced Garlic
1 tsp Soya Sauce
1 tbsp Ketchup
1 tsp Vinegar
1 tbsp Oil
1 tbsp Sugar
½ tsp Cornflour
1 tsp Red Chili Powder
1 tbsp Chili Sauce
Salt and Pepper as taste


1) In a bowl mix well Soya Sauce, Ketchup, Vinegar, Corn flour, Sugar, Chili Sauce and mix well.

2) In a pan, heat the oil on medium flame and once hot add Ginger and Garlic, saute till turns light brown. Then add in sauce mixture and still continuously.

3) Add in Shrimps and cook on full flame. Stir fry shrimps with sauces until shrimps cooks through. Add in Salt, Pepper and red chili powder, Mix well and serve hot.


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